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Holiday Giving
Holiday Giving



We Need Your Help This Holiday Season

It’s that time of year for hay rides, pumpkin patches and apple cider. But for us, October is the time of year we start thinking and preparing for the upcoming holidays. The families we serve are low-income and often need help being Santa for their kids. We also have adolescent girls that spend the holidays at Holly Hill away from their families. With your help, we can give everyone a Christmas to remember.

If you are interested in helping out this holiday season, please contact Olivia Seiter at (859) 635-0500 or by email at

Areas where we need your help:

Adopt-a-Family - You will be given a wish list for a family and would provide items from those lists to the family. These gifts will be delivered to the parents/guardians so they can be Santa. These are families that assistance in providing a nice holiday to their children. Some lists may include needed household items like towels or laundry detergent in addition to gifts. Gifts cannot be wrapped, but you are encouraged to give gift bags/wrapping paper so that the family can wrap the gifts.

Resident Gifts - You can choose how many gifts you would like to provide to the adolescent girls that are participating in our Residential Treatment Program. Each girl has a wish list. We generally have about 20 girls at the home at any given time, so you can buy a gift for a few girls, or all 20. Gifts must be unwrapped.

Gift Wrappers - We need people that like to organize and label gifts. We also need donations of wrapping paper, tissue paper, tape, and gift bags.

Monetary Donation - You can give a monetary donation to the holiday project and we will use your donation to purchase a gift for a child where it’s needed the most.