Who We Are

Vision 2033

Healthy Minds, Healthy Communities 2033
is our bold vision for a future where all mental and behavioral health needs are met in the communities we serve.

At Holly Hill, we envision a world where everyone has access to quality mental and behavioral health services. As the leader in providing these solutions, and through our collaborations and partnerships, we offer our clients a best-in-market portfolio of services. Together, we create Healthy Minds and Healthy Communities for generations to come.

Core Values

We believe in the importance of empowering healthy, happy humans and are committed to providing compassionate, collaborative care and transforming hope into joy in our community. We do this by embracing the following values:

We believe in honoring the fact that everyone is a human being first. We acknowledge the values and experiences that shape everyone we serve.

We believe in the significance of building family and community resilience, regardless of challenges we may face. We boldly advocate for the needs of everyone we serve.

We believe in the necessity of solving problems by being forward-thinking and creative as we engage and serve the community.

We believe in making decisions that are informed by community need, shared knowledge, and experience.

Holly Hill is committed to providing high quality, client centered care using evidence based and emerging best practices.

Our Purpose

Holly Hill is dedicated to protecting and supporting the most vulnerable members of our community. We provide high quality comprehensive mental and behavioral health services to empower children, adolescents, young adults, their families, and those supporting them with the stability, skills, and tools to thrive.

Our Objective

Be the first-choice collaborative community mental health organization in the region.


Our principles guide Holly Hill in offering light and laughter as we come together around one common goal – an exceptional healing experience:

Holly Hill prioritized developing and cultivating positive, healthy relationships with everyone involved in services, from teammates to clients and community members.

Holly Hill empowers team members, at all levels, to make decisions based on meeting the needs of clients, families, and the community.

Holly Hill brings community to life. We are a connected supportive, and engaging presence for our clients, teammates, and our community.